On Your Wedding Day

I am a film maker. I specialize in the candid, emotional chapters of your timeless forever story - your wedding day.  Through video - I capture your authentic relationship between one another and also the relationship of friends and family. 

From the last stroke of the makeup brush to the late night dances - I capture FULL day weddings as well as half days. It is whatever you as a couple wish for. 

I love tailor packages! I have 4 standard packages as an outline and mains - however - I realize that everyone's day is different and unique in it's own way so I welcome ideas and custom-made packages all the time. 

Travelling somewhere?

I am a travelling nomad and live for travel! So that being said - I LOVE destination weddings! 

I also love those in-between moments - the beautiful connected-ness of you as a couple and the little things you do like a small peck on the cheek or a whisper of "I love you" when the photographers' camera clicks have stopped for a minute - I am almost always rolling! - showcasing candid and true, real-life moments. 

Nothing will ever look staged or awkward in your wedding film. I commit to a smooth, easy flow throughtout your day. 

I work along-side the photographer in stealth mode and so poses only need to be done once because I do realize time during your day is oh-so precious! You will hear me say things like - "HOLD THAT" or "GORGEOUS YOU TWO I CANT EVEN!" I get excited. Ceremony structure and flow between photographer and videographer is always talked about ahead of time as to not disrupt the flow at any time. 

Interested in a package-deal combining both videographer AND photographer? I have a roster of epiclly talented photographers I work with! Use the Contact button for more information on that as well!

With all that being said - I deliver quality products with my heart, soul and creative juices poured into them. Contact me for package information and to chat about your dream wedding day! 

One of the most important days of a couple's life is their wedding day. I'd love to chat with you!